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I have always had an interest in the Paranormal and all things strange, as far back as I can remember. However, I have never really looked deeply into the subject, well until now! You see the other great interest of mine was to write, but never found a subject which inspired me. I created the Farsight Files as a means to document my experiences, what I learn and hopefully any cases I investigate. I hope you enjoy reading the blogs and please feel free to leave comments, as they fuel further discussion and subjects for blogs.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The New Farsight Paranormal Research Society and Website

Farsight Files has now grown and by popular demand I have created a team to investigate the paranormal, Farsight Paranormal Research Society started up last month and is going well.

In order to show our commitment to our research we have also launched our website recently, please feel free to check it out at http://farsightfiles.co.uk/.

Eventually my blog will also become a part of the website and will be run from there.

The website contains information on the paranormal, the investigation team and as we investigate, our cases.

Keep up to date with all things paranormal and farsight by checking it out regularly.